2016 - Skullhog/Violation Wound, Split CD on Fat Ass Records.
2016 - Bile - "Bloodshed" CD on Fat Ass Records
2016 - Skullhog "Smouldering Abnormality" track on comp/magazine CD "Invocation of Obscene Gods" Backwood Butcher Records
2012 - Skullhog "The Evil Dead" CD on Redrum Records
2012 - Skullhog "The Evil Dead" LP on Fat Ass Records
2007 - Skullhog/Regurgitate Split 7" on RSR Records
2007 - Skullhog/Coffins Split 7" on No Escape Records
2006 - Bile "Camp Blood" CD on No Escape Records
2000 - Bile "The Shed" CD on So It Is Done Records

Shit to be released somewhere in time...
Bile - "The Shed" LP on Haunted Hotel Records
Bile - "Camp Blood" LP on Haunted Hotel Records
Skullhog/MeatSpreader split 7" on Fat Ass Records
Skullhog/Violation Wound Split 12" Picture Disc on Fat Ass Records

Skullhog "NEW FRIGGIN ALBUM"! 2017 on Bones Brigade Records

shit not released yet: Damn, i've finally remembered what cover: Iron Monkey's "Fink Dial" shall be available real soon on...... and maybe sometime in space the Skullhog/Bloodbastard split we ment to release 10 years ago..

Labels who support(ed) us in one way or another:
So It Is Done Productions
No Escape Records
RSR Records
RedRum Records
Fat Ass Records
Bones Brigade Records
Haunted Hotel Records


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