News - July 2016

OUT NOW! : Skullhog/Violation Wound Split CD on Fat Ass Records.. WOW!

Soon to be released as Picture Disc as well.

 Check this piece on Terrorizer Mag's Webzine (click picture below):

Violation Wound / Skullhog

"Ahead of their appearance at Obscene Extreme Festival in just under a fortnight, devastating Dutch death/doom dealers Skullhog have just announced a 12″ split picture disc with Violation Wound (featuring Christ Reifert of Autopsy fame), and you can hear their new song ‘Bloodsoaked Zombie Torment’ right here, exclusively with Terrorizer…

 As anyone who’s ever mistakenly spun ‘Reek Of Putrefaction’ at 33RPM will testify, grind can sound pretty gnarly indeed at slower tempos. It’s a fact that Dutch filth mongers Skullhog are more than aware of; evolving out of the ashes of goregrind outfit Bile, the trio slowed their grotesque sound to a pace more in line with Autopsy’s ‘Mental Funeral’ than grind’s default lightspeed setting, and the results are, quite frankly, crushing.

It makes total sense, then, for them to team up with Chris Reifert’s new band Violation Wound for their next split release (following previous splits with Regurgitate and Coffins), a 12″ picture disc on Fat Ass Records. Terrorizer is proud to bring you an exclusive taste of new song ‘Bloodsoaked Zombie Torment’."

News April 2016

In the next couple of weeks we'll be recording our 2 tracks for the upcoming split with Violation Wound.

Skullhog/Violation Wound Split 7
Since all major record labels are still in denial of the fact that ONLY THE HOG IS REAL, as usual we'll record this shit ourselves so expect another slab of Ultra Lo-Fi No-Budget Downtuned Brutalness!

Producing, Recording, Engineering, Mixing, Mastering and Layout by Ben and Skullhog at "The Last Roundup Recording Studio".
Artwork by "Nabbe".

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